Caroline McCann Yoga

I initially came to yoga in 2008 as a complement to other workouts. Establishing a consistent yoga practice eventually helped me recover from the extended period of stress I experienced while working in a corporate sales role at Google NYC. The wide-ranging physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a steady yoga practice have astounded me. Not only have I been able to manage my chronic back pain, but I have learned to observe my thoughts, emotions and actions mindfully which has helped me identify and change harmful habits. I am thrilled to share yoga with others.  I offer approachable yet challenging alignment-focused classes set to an uplifting soundtrack. I am based in Buenos Aires and teach in both English and Spanish.

I am forever grateful to my teachers: Marcie Wallace, Jodie Rufty and Sondra Loring and inspired by my students who choose to practice cultivating a state of Yoga/”Union” of body and mind.

People come to yoga for everything from strength and flexibility to posture, focus, and anxiety relief. Whatever your reason, it’s the right one. You’ll leave with more than you came for.





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