What to do when sick this winter....

12/27/2016 - I'm home from being “Home for the Holidays” with my family in Long Island, watching 30 Rock’s “Brooklyn Without Limits” episode, sick as a dawwwwgggg.  What better time to start that blog I’ve always thought about writing?! (The last time I did this was as soon as I moved abroad to Argentina in 2009 at the age of 22 - baller status.)  

I am the kind of sick where I consider sitting at the edge of my bed, doing some neck rolls and reaching overhead (with conscious breath, of course) my workout for the day.  As an increasingly more avid yogini, these days without yoga (or biking outdoors!) get me down.  I know my practice will not feel as solid when I get back to yoga class.  And being among the most impatient of impatient, I already foresee that this will cause me frustration.

So, I'm opting to get patient and focus my energies on getting better as soon as possible by….

  • self massage (with Amrutanjan Ayurvedic Balm - India's No1 Aromatic Pain Balm for Head and Body)

  • candles and/or the Netflix Fireplace

  • acupressure

  • HOT baths (preferably with a candle)

  • gentle movement = doing as much as I can in any given day (i.e.-  DO NOT do Downward Facing Dog with this amount of sinus pressure while simply standing up straight)

  • foam rolling + Yoga Tune Up Balls (or The Original Pinky balls)  

Caroline McCann